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Junior Volunteers

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Junior Volunteer Packet

Odessa Regional Medical Center’s Junior Volunteer program offers students the opportunity to explore careers in healthcare, as well as provide service to our hospital and patients. The program has much to offer and provides the opportunity to learn new skills and interests. If you enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping others, you will enjoy being part of the Odessa Regional Medical Center Junior Volunteer Program.

ORMC’s Junior Volunteer program is an eight week summer program and is open to 14-18 year old students. Applications must be received no later than May 5 for consideration. A full day of orientation is mandatory and is usually held during the first part of June. A parent or legal guardian is strongly encouraged to attend orientation. We require a minimum of thirty two volunteer hours throughout the summer per Junior Volunteer.

We strive to make this program as meaningful as possible for Junior Volunteers, and encourage participants to let us know if they are interested in a particular assignment. Every effort will be made to provide volunteer assignments in requested areas.  However, skills, schedules and department needs are first considerations in volunteer assignments. New volunteers begin their duties as soon as they complete their orientation and testing.

If you have any questions about our program, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (432) 582-8796.

ORMC Junior Volunteer Program

Our Summer Junior Volunteer Program is highly competitive. We receive many more applications than we have openings. Therefore, the Volunteer Office needs to receive all Junior Volunteer applications no later than May 5 to be considered for the summer program. Click on the link below to download an application.

Thinking of applying to the summer program?

  • Please complete the Junior Volunteer application form in full.
  • Be sure a parent or legal guardian also signs all provided forms.
  • Attach the following:
    • Report card (must maintain a “B” average or higher) from the Fall or Spring semester
    • Current up-to-date immunization record
    • copy of picture identification such as driver license or school identification
    • Recommendation letter from a school counselor/teacher, pastor, or hospital employee — someone other than a family member.
  • Submit completed applications to:   Odessa Regional Medical Center , Junior Volunteer Program, PO Box 4859, Odessa, TX  79760.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the Odessa Regional Medical Center Junior Volunteer program?
Please complete and submit the Junior Volunteer application before the noted deadline date. Applications are available on-line, or you may pick up a copy at the hospital. You should include copies of your report card (must maintain a “B” average or higher), current immunization record, picture identification, and a recommendation letter from a school counselor/teacher, pastor, or hospital employee — someone other than a family member. The program is limited to a specific number of junior volunteers, your promptness is appreciated.

Must I attend the scheduled orientation?
Yes. Orientation is mandatory.

Must a parent/guardian attend the scheduled orientation?
At least one parent is highly encouraged to attend parent orientation to ensure your child gets the maximum benefit of the ORMC Junior Volunteer Program.

Do I have to participate in hospital drug testing?
Yes. ORMC offers these services at no cost to the Junior Volunteer. Offsite drug testing is not permitted.

If I turn 14 during the summer, may I participate in the Junior Volunteer program?
Applicants must be 14 years of age before June 1. The program is for students 14-18 years of age.

Do I have to wear a uniform?
Yes. ORMC provides the polo shirt and identification badge. Junior Volunteers are required to wear closed toe, low heel or flat shoes (clean white tennis shoes are permitted), white socks, and khaki pants or khaki skirt (must be below knee, no exceptions) which are part of the uniform.

What type of volunteer positions are available at ORMC?
Volunteers may serve in the following capacity:

  • hospital greeter
  • escort patients
  • general office duties
  • stock supplies
  • check expired items
  • run errands within the hospital campus
  • assist with water/linens/call lights for patients

Don’t expect to do the following:

  • observe surgical procedures
  • have contact with infants
  • answer phones or work on computers

What are volunteer hours?
Junior Volunteers must volunteer a minimum of 32 hours during the summer. Only four hour shifts are available each day between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. The schedule is available for sign-up one-week in advance of shift.

What if I need to eat before or after my volunteer shift?
Each Junior Volunteer has the option of taking a breakfast or lunch break. Breakfast is available from
7 am – 9 am, and lunch is served from 11a – 1p. There is no charge for the meal; water, tea and coffee included. There will be a charge for fountain soda drink(s).

Can I smoke on the ORMC campus?
No. ORMC is a Tobacco Free Campus.

May I use my cell phone while volunteering?
You may bring your cell phone to the hospital. All junior volunteers are expected to follow the hospital’s policy regarding cell phones and their usage.

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